British Pie Week:Top 4 Pie spots in Nottingham

Knives and forks at the ready… British Pie Week kicks off tomorrow. The celebration honours the ultimate comfort food, whether your favourite is a steak pie, creamy mash and lashings of gravy or a sweet fruity number packed with apple, rhubarb or cherries, and plenty of custard, of course. Nottingham’s newest eatery Pieminister is now… Continue reading British Pie Week:Top 4 Pie spots in Nottingham


How to make a Christmas Strawberry Gateux in less than 40 minutes

For those of us who are short on time and can never seem to get everything perfect on the big day, look what I’ve just come across! It’s James Martin’s cheat Strawberry Gateux!! This can be prepped in less than 30 mins and cooked in under 10 minutes. How fab! For this gorgeous Strawberry Gateux… Continue reading How to make a Christmas Strawberry Gateux in less than 40 minutes

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Christmas Prawn Cocktail- Asian inspired

As promised from my instagram site- eatyourwayfabulous Prawn Cocktail is my absolute favourite Christmas dinner starter. I know it’s also an old favorite of many. This year, however I plan to give my Prawn Cocktail an Asain twist with this recipe from Shelina Permalloo, former Masterchef UK winner. Ingredients: 80g Chinese cabbage, finely shredded 80g… Continue reading Christmas Prawn Cocktail- Asian inspired

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Carby Carbs

This amazing nutrient comprises carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. There are three types of carbohydrates: Monosaccharides or simple sugars: Glucose found in honey, fruits, sweetcorn and onion Fructose from fruit Galactose found in milk Disaccharides: Sucrose found in beet sugar and cane sugar- which I ate lots of as a child growing up in Jamaica 🙂 Lactose… Continue reading Carby Carbs

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All things Vitamins

Vitamins are vital to health. We only need them in small amounts but nonetheless they are absolutely important. There are two types of vitamins: Vitamin A, D,E and K are classed as fat-soluble vitamins whereas Vitamins B and C are water-soluble which means that they dissolve in water and as such are lost in our… Continue reading All things Vitamins