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Christmas Prawn Cocktail- Asian inspired

As promised from my instagram site- eatyourwayfabulous Prawn Cocktail is my absolute favourite Christmas dinner starter. I know it’s also an old favorite of many. This year, however I plan to give my Prawn Cocktail an Asain twist with this recipe from Shelina Permalloo, former Masterchef UK winner. Ingredients: 80g Chinese cabbage, finely shredded 80g… Continue reading Christmas Prawn Cocktail- Asian inspired

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A nourishing Roast Beef dinner

Nothing is more warming and¬†nourishing than a Sunday Roast. In the oven, right now, I have a beautiful joint of Irish Beef which I’ll roast for an hour an 17 minutes, then rest it for about 15¬†minutes to allow the fibres to relax and make it more juicy and tasty. Leeks, potatoes and parsnip make… Continue reading A nourishing Roast Beef dinner